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Skye's Dream Dog Program

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Program Details

Skye’s the Limit Dog Training’s most sought-after program is the Dream Dog Program. 
This comprehensive program spans approximately six months and is ideal for individuals seeking a professionally trained dog while remaining involved in the training process. 
With the Dream Dog Program, we aim to foster the dog of your dreams—one you can trust and engage in various activities with.

The program revolves around a board and train approach, allowing us to provide an immersive training experience in the setting of our coaches’ homes. 

We offer flexible training stays of 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks, tailoring the program to suit your specific needs. During the board and train period, we delve deep into nurturing, shaping, and teaching new behaviors while effectively addressing any unwanted behaviors. Our program sizes are super small to ensure we are integrating training dogs into our lives to maximize results.

The Dream Dog Program is a perfect fit for individuals looking to build an unbreakable bond with their dog, those encountering behavioral challenges such as reactivity, aggression, or fearfulness and is an ideal choice for anyone seeking to lead a fulfilled and successful life with their four-legged companion.

Our ultimate objective with the Dream Dog Program is to jumpstart you in forming a meaningful and lasting relationship with your dog. The board and train alone is not magic, which is why we are committed to teaching you, the owner, just like we teach the dogs.

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If you are located in the San Francisco area and are in search for a professional dog trainer contact us today. Our training revolves around offering a personalized approach to dog training, where we tailor our methods to each dog’s behavior and needs. We prioritize owner education and ongoing support to ensure lasting results. Additionally, we take a holistic approach, addressing not only training but also factors like nutrition and exercise for a well-rounded and balanced dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Skye’s the Limit Dog Training we are believers in having a routine and not a strict schedule. What that means is that the dogs know what they can expect throughout the day, but it doesn’t necessarily happen at 7am, 9am, 2pm, etc. The reason we do this is to ensure we are creating a flexible dog that won’t panic the second a strict schedule changes. This also helps with the transition process back home as your life and routine probably looks a lot different than ours.
Each day we start with potty, sniffy time, and exercise/play to get the blood flow going. We do 2-3 formal training sessions a day that increase in duration and criteria as we progress through the program. The first few weeks are spent establishing a functional relationship, and communication system, and thoroughly teaching wanted behaviors that are incompatible with the unwanted. This is what allows us to address the root emotion of behaviors and leads to success when addressing them. We typically end our official day around 5pm and relax in the evening with yard time, mental enrichment, place time, etc.

Each package includes:

-Custom Wellness Plan: This is your recipe for success
– Board and Train: Your dog live with your trainer! During your dog’s stay, we will cover our core curriculum and tailor the program to the individual needs and goals of the dog/student team.
-mid-way lesson: approximately halfway through the Board and Train, we will have a 1 v.1 session to assess our progress and begin teaching YOU, the human!
-Go Home lesson: The go-home lesson is ~2.5 hours and is where we transfer the training back to you!
-Online Classroom: Your online classroom will help guide you through your first month home together. You’re learning new skills, so having us in your back pocket really helps!
-Follow-up lessons: You have 4 1v1 follow-up lessons to utilize within 4 months of the completion of the board and train.
-Group lessons: Two group sessions (3 classes per session)
-Training equipment

The Dream Dog program is customized to each dog that comes in, which means it is a phenomenal option for any dog of any age, size, breed, or background. Our goal is to jumpstart/accelerate your dog’s custom plan so we can get you and your dog working fluidly as a team. 

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