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Are you an amazing dog owner facing challenges with your furry companion’s behavior? Look no further! Our tailored dog training programs are designed specifically for your lifestyle and individual needs as a dog owner. Serving Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding cities, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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Good Family K-9

About Our Company.

Good Family K-9 is a family-owned and operated dog training company that works with all breeds. Our training is designed with you and your dog in mind. We specialize in bringing peace to your household by training your dog to be the best pet they can be. 

Have a well-behaved & well-trained dog you can take anywhere, at any time.

With 14 years of experience training police dogs, we’ve learned how to communicate with dogs on a higher level. We’ve taken this knowledge and experience and geared our training around what is important for pet dogs. We will teach you how to communicate with your dog which will greatly benefit your relationship.

Our Training Programs

• Board and Train
• Puppy Training
• Obedience Training
• Behavior Modification
• Off Leash Training
• Boarding
• Private Training

Struggling With Your Pup's Behavior?

Is your dog consistently pulling on the leash during normal walks around the neighborhood or frustrated when your dog doesn’t listen to you. If this sounds like you, we can help.

behavioral issues?

We can help! Let us help put a stop to them all.

It’s Time to Live Your Dream Life with Your Dog!

Are you a frustrated pet owner who’s tired of your dog misbehaving at home, not listening during walks or just uncontrollable when people or other dogs are around? We can help. Let our team of trained canine experts help you achieve an obedient pet that listens! Our trainers have years of dog training experience under their belt. Our training is suitable for any age, breed or behavioral issues your is having.

Training Programs

We Offer a Variety of Dog Training Programs Tailored to Your Dog’s Specific Needs.



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