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Meet Your Trainer. I'm Skylar

I believe you deserve to have the best dog ever.

I get it, pet parents; you got a dog to be your best friend, your running partner, a partner in crime when you hit up the local breweries, or that loving companion to snuggle up on the couch. I also know what it’s like when you can’t live the lifestyle you want with your dog, or even the thought of taking a stroll around your neighborhood gives you knots in your stomach. It sucks pet parents, and it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have the dog of your dreams.

I help dog parents solve their dog’s behavior problems that allow them to live life to the fullest again while regaining control and confidence.



Skylar, the dog trainer.

Passionate & Devoted Coaches.

At Skye’s the Limit Dog Training, our philosophy is rooted in a deep understanding of behavioral psychology and extensive hands-on experience. 

Our core belief centers on adopting a comprehensive “whole life” approach, with a primary focus on nurturing a strong relationship between humans and dogs.

We believe that establishing a healthy and functional relationship with our canine companions is the cornerstone for fostering a well-balanced mindset, enabling us to achieve remarkable results. Our “whole life” approach is highly personalized, and tailored to the unique dynamics of each dog and human team. We dive deep into your goals and create a customized roadmap to turn your realistic dream life into reality.

Skye’s the Limit Dog Training is composed of a team of passionate and devoted coaches committed to guiding you and your dog toward your dream life. Serving the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and beyond, our mission is to collaborate with dedicated individuals, empowering them to shape the life they want with the dog they love.

We advocate for motivation-based balanced training methods, leveraging the dog’s innate psychology in the most natural, humane, enjoyable, and effective ways possible. By employing communication techniques that are motivating, clear, consistent, and impactful, we teach dogs how to learn and instill a sense of fun and enthusiasm for engaging with their person. Just as we teach and empower our dogs, we extend the same principles to you—the human—so that together we can reach your goals.”

What Our Client Says

Read what our clients are saying about their experience with us.

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To say Skylar is a true professional (aka dog whisperer) is an understatement. Overall, we give Skye an A+++!
We’ve been so lucky to have Skylar and her incredible skill set with dogs with our family since our Scout was a puppy! I can’t recommend Skylar enough, you, your dog and your family will not regret the service you’ll receive from her business.
Meet our Coaches

Skylar, Owner/Lead Trainer

Skylar is a highly skilled and passionate dog trainer, and the founder of Skye’s The Limit Dog Training. Her love for dogs was instilled in her from a very young age, and she has been working with them ever since. Pursuing her passion, Skylar went on to study Animal Science in college, where she gained a deeper understanding of animal behavior and training.

While completing her degree, Skylar worked at a veterinary hospital for three years, where she gained invaluable experience in handling dogs of all breeds and temperaments. She then attended the prestigious Michael Ellis School of Dog Training, where she honed her skills and gained even more knowledge in the field of dog training. Throughout her career, Skylar has completed mentorships, learning from some of the most renowned dog trainers in the industry. She continues pursuing her education believing that there is always more to learn. Skylar’s drive to continuously hone her skills as both a dog trainer and teacher is what makes her successful with all dogs and their people.

In 2020, Skylar founded Skye’s the Limit Dog Training, with the goal of helping dogs and their people find harmony and balance. With her extensive experience and exceptional skills, Skylar has become a highly sought-after trainer, known for her compassionate approach and commitment to the well-being of every dog she trains.


Flynt was born and raised in San Francisco, where his love for dogs began early. Whether it was playing with street dogs in India or stopping to interact with leashed dogs on the street, Flynt always felt a strong connection to them. At the age of 7, his childhood dog Annie became his constant companion, and together they enjoyed trick training, hikes, and playing fetch.

During a break in his undergraduate studies in Marine Biology, Flynt worked at a San Francisco dog shelter, where he adopted his first dog as an adult, a young Mexico rescue mutt named Shelly. Shelly’s reactivity to kids, dogs, and anything on wheels led Flynt to work with a professional trainer, igniting his passion for dog training. Through improved communication and obedience skills, Shelly’s behavior transformed, allowing her to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Flynt’s training journey continued as he worked with his trainer’s three Belgian Malinois, discovering Mondio and French Ring sport, which changed his life. Now, Shelly has a two-year-old Belgian Malinois brother, whom Flynt is training to compete in French Ring. When not hiking, training, or playing with client dogs, Flynt dedicates time to this endeavor.

Flynt believes that key elements to successful dog training include structure, clear communication, patience, balance, and prioritizing what motivates each dog to ensure they enjoy the journey. He is excited to be on the Skyes the Limit team.


Molly didn’t start off her career thinking she’d become a dog trainer. She’d always known that dogs would be a part of her life, but the real game-changer came when she adopted Moose, an incredibly challenging dog. Dealing with Moose’s behavior issues was no walk in the park, and that’s when Molly started training with Skylar as a client.
It didn’t take her long to realize that she had a genuine passion for dog training, something she hadn’t seen coming at all. This newfound calling soon turned into a career, and she became part of the Skye’s the Limit family. Molly’s dedication to learning the ropes led her to spend weeks living with our head trainers, soaking up all the wisdom Skylar had to offer. Molly’s been an amazing addition to our team, and she genuinely enjoys working with all our clients and their dogs. However, she has a soft spot for those dealing with behavioral issues. Having gone through her own share of struggles with Moose, she takes great pleasure in offering the kind of support and hope that once made all the difference in her own journey.